Procedure Text Adalah
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Procedural Text Adalah

Procedural Text Adalah

Procedure Text Adalah
Procedure Text Adalah

Procedural text is to tell us how to make or do something.

It have three main parts, there are:

A. Goal / aim : tell us what will be made or done
B. Materials / Ingredients : tell us what will be needed
C. Steps : how to do it or make it

The conjunctions are first, second, next, then, after that, finally / at last. Procedural text is use imperative verb and simple present.

Look at the example below!


How to Make Simple of Lup

Materials :
– Lamp
– Plastic
– Rubber
– Newspaper


Equipment :

– Cutter / knife
– Screwdriver

Steps :

First, open the top of lamp, by using cutter/knife.

Second, put of the lamp from cable.

Third, put the water into the lamp.

Fourth, close the top of lamp, by using plastic, then bunch by using the rubber and stiff it.

Fifth, then test the lup though reading the text by hold the simple of lup by slooping position on the text.

Finally, if simple of lup is successful, so it is ready to use.

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